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Agile Technical Debt

This is another video in the Agile Whiteboard series of videos. Professor Chris Collins talks about the importance of following Agile Manifesto Principles 8 and 9; Agile Dev Teams must manage their…

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Scrum 101

Scrum 101 v2: Professor Chris Collins, DAU-SOUTH, presents Scrum 101, the basics of the agile methodology called Scrum. This is part of his Agile Whiteboard Series of videos.

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Software is Never Done: DoD Software Acquisition and Practices Reform

The Defense Innovation Board (DIB) discusses the findings and preliminary recommendations of the Software Acquisition and Practices (SWAP) improvement study.The DIB was tasked by Congress and the…

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Accelerating the Delivery of Weapon and Embedded System Software

Dr. Jeff Boleng, Special Advisor for Software Acquisition, to the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, held a roundtable with the Defense Innovation Board (DIB) to discuss how…

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Hot Topic Forum - Using DevSecOps to Create DoD Software Factories

March 7, 2019, Mr. Nicolas Chaillan, Special Advisor for Cloud Security and DevSecOps to the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, presented his vision for how to transform DoD…

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Kessel Run Agile Imperatives for DoD

Lt Col Jeremiah Sanders, Program Manager, Air Force Air Operations Center (AOC) and Deputy Director of Kessel Run, presents the foundational understanding of why all DoD programs need to consider…

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Complexity Level Contracting Approach

Dr. Matt Kennedy created this video as one of many approaches for the "Contracting for Change (Agile)" video series. The contracting approach uses complexity buckets to provide…

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Contracting for Change (Agile)

Dr. Matt Kennedy continues to build on his "Agile Acquisition 101" video with an Agile Contracting Series; this is the Introduction to "Contracting for Change (Agile)" This video…

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Changing Software Acquisition in DoD - Roundtable with the Defense Innovation Board

(Changing DoD's Software Acquisition Strategy, Workforce, Culture, and Metrics- A roundtable discussion with members of the Defense Innovation Board hosted by Dr. Jeff Boleng, Office of the…

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Agile Acquisition 101

Dr. Matt Kennedy, Department of Treasury, describes the basics of Agile Acquisition in a Federal Government environment. He defines Agile Acquisition. Under Agile Acquisition, we provide a more…

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USAF Agile Acquisition Contracting Outbrief Maj Gen Zabel v180723

Major General Sarah Zabel is leading the USAF's transition to an Agile Acquisition environment. This will provide better, faster, cheaper capability improvements to our warfighters. In her…

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Coursera SW development specialization introduction University of Alberta

The University of Alberta offers an Agile Project Management Specialization to create better software using Agile Practices. This is an example of many COURSERA offerings to provide the DAU Students…

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Agile Enterprise Architecture and Application Rationalization


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Agile Acquisition: Creating an Effective Ecosystem

Section 843 of the 2018 NDAA calls for improvement in the training of the acquisition workforce. One initiative gaining traction within the Department of Defense is "Agile Acquisition. This…

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U.S. Digital Services/Defense Digital Services

us digital services block 2 sr4

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ISA201 Lesson 10 SW Development Homework

Professor Chris Collins, DAU-SOUTH, reviews the basic software development models used in DoD.

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