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ITSM - Army

ITSM - Army

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Echo - Delivering Cyber Defensive Capabilities at the Speed of Relevance to the Warfighter

In this Echo episode of "Acquisition Practices Worth Emulating" LTC Scott Helmore explains how the Army can respond to new cyber threats and have fielded solutions within 30 days. I…

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High Level Introductory Video of "What DCMA Does" for the Department of Defense in providing contract administration services

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Secretary of Defense Announces National Defense Strategy

Defense Secretary James N. Mattis announces the National Defense Strategy in a speech at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, Jan. 19, 2018.

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Interview w/ Tom Laux: Army's Aerial Common Sensor Program

Interview w/ Tom Laux and discussioin of Lessons Learned from the Army's Aerial Common Sensor Program

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General Petraeus Interview with DAU President Anderson

Interview with General David Petraeus on Wartime Contracting differences

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Hot Topic Forum - DARPA: The Untold Story

Join DAU and author Sharon Weinberger for a discussion on how the Pentagon uses its internal "Skunk Works" to advance both the nation's defenses and public technology. In the late…

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Kendall Leadership Question 3 of 5

Mr Kendall on Decisions and Data (1:24 minutes) Mr Kendall is asked five questions on leadership. This video is on the third questions, “How certain of the data do you need to be before you can…

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General David Petraeus Discusses How Acquisition Impacts the Warfighter

Former DAU President Frank Anderson interviews General David Petraeus, then Commander of U.S. Central Command. He discusses the impact acquisition has on wartime operations and the important roles of…

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DoD: EMI Stream (STM)

Discussion of the Electromagnetic enviromental effects and spectrum supportability (EMI) and Cybersecurity.

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