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CMQ 211 video W3_T1_Intro

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EP024: Anthony Rotolo: Think Like A Producer and Podcast

On this episode, we turn the tables and feature Anthony Rotolo on podcasting as one example of how we can shift our mindset and extend learning beyond the course. Show Notes: The slide deck that…

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Price Cost Reasonableness

P/C Reasonableness

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QCO Risk Assessment

QCO Risk Assessment

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Identify QCO Candidates

Identify QCO Candidates

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Establish QCO Rates

Establish QCO Rates

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Overview of the DCMA FPRP/FPRA/FPRR CMO Team

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CMC235 Price Indices

Intro video on Indices..

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Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness

FIAR presentation by Dr. Potter

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Section 809 Panel - Volume 1 Report: Streamlining and Improving Defense Acquisition

Section 809 Panel Chair Mr. David Drabkin, Commissioners Ross Thompson and Charlie Williams, and Professional Staff members Nick Tsiopanas and Jarrett Lane speak about the Volume 1 Report. Read the…

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Organizing for a New Era of Acquisition

Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, Ellen Lord, delivered the keynote address at the 2018 DAU Acquisition Training Symposium.

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VoC Lessons Learned - Outcome Based Need Statements

Skype meeting to provide training and discuss lessons learned with regard to capturing need statements from Voice of the Customer data collection events (interviews, focus groups, mining existing…

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CMC 210 Week 1 Video

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Section 809 Panel Bold Bites_Charlie Williams

Commissioner Charlie Williams is on the Audit and Compliance Team at the Section 809 Panel. The goal of the team is to ensure contracting officers receive timely and insightful information to improve…

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FIAR Methodology & Roles and Responsibilities

This video concludes the FIAR video series by discussing the methodology that has been adopted to implement audit readiness. Viewers are also informed about the various roles and…

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FIAR Waves 3 & 4

This video continues the discussion on the FIAR by introducing the audience to the key facts of Wave 3 (Mission Critical Asset Existence) and Wave 4 (Full Audit Except for Existing Asset Valuation). …

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