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Other Transaction Mythbusting Video Series - Ep. 1: OTs are new and have been rarely used

This video busts the myth that Other Transactions are new and have been rarely used.

From  RYAN JOHNSON 8 Months ago 1 likes 214 views 1  

OTA Basics

Ms. Diane Sidebottom provides a basic overview of OTAs.

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Using Other Transactions

Using Other Transactions

From  LESLIE DENEAULT A year ago 2 likes 248 views 1  

Hot Topic Forum - DARPA: The Untold Story

Join DAU and author Sharon Weinberger for a discussion on how the Pentagon uses its internal "Skunk Works" to advance both the nation's defenses and public technology. In the late…

From  CHRISTEN GOULDING 2 Years ago 0 likes 85 views 1  

Introduction to GAO Frameworks (TP 1 of 2)

Dr. Tim Persons, Chief Scientist for the GAO, discusses the background of the GAO and the creation of frameworks for auditing system programs with performance audit (yellow book). He discussed how…

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