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From Paper to Product; We are DCMA

The Defense Contract Management Agency provides contract administration services for the Department of Defense, other federal organizations and international partners. The agency is an essential part…

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CLC139 Video 01 Introduction

CLC 139, Acquisition of Commercial Items was created in response to the FY18 NDAA. The continuous learning module comprises over 30 separate videos, text content, and knowledge reviews. Each video…

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Notice of Completion (NOC)

You will learn to recognize when a Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) Notice of Completion (NOC) is used in the contract closeout process and how to properly complete a NOC.

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Complete Financial Actions Funds Reconciliation

You will learn the process for completing financial actions for the purpose of contract closeout including excess, remaining, and dormant funds determinations and determination of overpayment of…

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Incentivizing Industry to Increase Speed of Delivery

The 2018 National Defense Strategy provides direction for DoD to realign incentive and reporting structures to increase speed of delivery of defense systems from contractors to the Warfighter. This…

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Driving Long Term Readiness Through Early Sustainment Planning

The National Defense Strategy emphasizes the need to rebuild military readiness as the U.S. builds toward a more lethal Joint Force. This class describes the measures needed to rebuild and insure…

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Software is Never Done: DoD Software Acquisition and Practices Reform

The Defense Innovation Board (DIB) discusses the findings and preliminary recommendations of the Software Acquisition and Practices (SWAP) improvement study.The DIB was tasked by Congress and the…

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Accelerating the Delivery of Weapon and Embedded System Software

Dr. Jeff Boleng, Special Advisor for Software Acquisition, to the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, held a roundtable with the Defense Innovation Board (DIB) to discuss how…

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Changing Software Acquisition in DoD - Roundtable with the Defense Innovation Board

(Changing DoD's Software Acquisition Strategy, Workforce, Culture, and Metrics- A roundtable discussion with members of the Defense Innovation Board hosted by Dr. Jeff Boleng, Office of the…

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Agile Acquisition 101

Dr. Matt Kennedy, Department of Treasury, describes the basics of Agile Acquisition in a Federal Government environment. He defines Agile Acquisition. Under Agile Acquisition, we provide a more…

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Section 809 Panel Bold Bites Podcast_Elliott Branch

Commissioner Elliott Branch leads Team 5: Successful Programs. A number of recommendations concerning successful programs within the defense acquisition workforce will appear in the Volume 3 Report;…

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EP024: Anthony Rotolo: Think Like A Producer and Podcast

On this episode, we turn the tables and feature Anthony Rotolo on podcasting as one example of how we can shift our mindset and extend learning beyond the course. Show Notes: The slide deck that…

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Three Vital Questions-Where am I putting my focus?

In your daily life, where do you find yourself focusing, on problems or outcomes? This video introduces you to the 3 Vital Questions a framework that can help you gauge whether you are moving toward…

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PM Reflections, an interview with former Program Managers to share their lessons learned and insights on leading major acquisition programs.

Hosted by Defense Acquisition University Faculty, Eric Ferraro, episode one features Navy Captain (Retired) Mike Abreau, the former Major Program Manager for PMW 205 - Navy Enterprise Networks…

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Section 809 Panel Bold Bites Podcast_Dave Ahern

Commissioner Dave Ahern provides listeners some insight into Defense Acquisition Framework - what is it? Why does it matter?

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Echo - Shipbuilding practices that accelerated the production of a new Frigate ship class by 6 years.

This Echo episode of "Acquisition Practices Worth Emulating" has Dr. Regan Campbell explaining how her team accelerated the production schedule of a new Frigate by 6 years. The video…

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