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PM Reflections, an interview with former Program Managers to share their lessons learned and insights on leading major acquisition programs.

Hosted by Defense Acquisition University Faculty, Eric Ferraro, episode one features Navy Captain (Retired) Mike Abreau, the former Major Program Manager for PMW 205 - Navy Enterprise Networks…

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Improving Your Services Acquisition L&L Aug 29 2018

Services Acquisition discussion by Professor Doug Constant, for the DAU L&L conducted on 8/29/2018.

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EP021: Jane Bozarth: Should We Build or Buy Our Learning?

Dr. Jane Bozarth is the director of research for The eLearning Guild. She is the author of eLearning Solutions on a Shoestring;,Social Media for Trainers, and Show Your Work! She is a popular…

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Introduction to Joint DOTmLPFP Change Recommendations DCRs

This video discusses Joint DCRs and the options they present for Requirements Managers to tackle capability gaps. Here is the link to the slides in the video.

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CMC233 VC1 - Updated

First video for Virtual portion of CMC233, FPRA. Describes terms and conditions and definitions used in VC and Resident course.

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CMC233 Virtual Component Video 1

Introduction to FPRP Terms and Definitions.

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EP020: Brenda Enders: The Manager's Guide to Mobile Learning

We speak with Brenda Enders, author of The Manager's Guide to Mobile Learning. We start with a working definition for mobile learning and discuss the challenges that managers and teams face in…

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Section 809 Panel Bold Bites Podcast_50 Worst! Campaign

Professional staff and team lead Jen Taylor discusses the 50 Worst Campaign on this month's Bold Bites Podcast. How does the system slow you down? What regulations do more harm than good? What…

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DAU AbilityOne Video

2014 The signing of the partnership with Ability One. Some great background on working with handicapped employees.

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GSA Acquisition Gateway

Lunch and Learn Presentation - GSA Acquisition Gateway

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EP019: Clark Quinn on 21st Century Learning

Technology is the disruptor of our time and its effects are no less felt in the Learning world. We discuss innovation with author Clark Quinn - how it's become the price of entry and how we must…

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40 YEAR Anniversary

A Video that celebrates 40 Years of Acquisition Training in the Department of Defense.

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Protecting DoD's Unclassified Info - Part 3

Third video in a 3-Part Series on Protecting DoD's Unclassified Information

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Intro to DCMA Tools

Description of CCM Contracting and Pricing Tools loaded at

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ISA201 Lesson 9 SE and SwE Homework

Professor John Rice, DAU-SOUTH, reviews the fundamentals of Systems and Software Engineering from ISA101.

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CON170 Unit 5 Lesson 4 XYZ Problem 2

This video provides instruction for completing Unit 5 Lesson 4 XYZ Problem 2 in CON170

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