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Complete Financial Actions Funds Reconciliation

You will learn the process for completing financial actions for the purpose of contract closeout including excess, remaining, and dormant funds determinations and determination of overpayment of…

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Government Furnished Property Module - GFP Attachment Training

This training describes the Contractor and Government actions to report property transfer in the GFP Module.

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IHS Connect Cost-and-Prices-Page

IHS produced video for home/landing page

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Exponential Reliability Plot Simulation

This video provides instructions on how to use the Exponential Reliability Plot Simulation.

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Uploading a Job Support Tool

This video shows how to upload a job support tool to the acquisition tools and resources database.

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EP004: Julie Dirksen on Digital Habit Formation

Are you a creature of habit? We discuss Digital Habit Formation with Julie Dirksen, author of Design for How People Learn.

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