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COMMON SENSE: An Innovation Panel Address for Acquisition Revolutionaries

This panel - coordinated and moderated by Ms. Michelle Currier, the former President of the National Contract Management Association (NCMA) and currently on the NCMA Board of Visitors, shared their…

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Other Transaction Mythbusting Video Series - Ep. 3: The main goal and purpose of OTs is that they are faster to award

This video busts the myth that the main goal and purpose behind Other Transactions is that they are faster to award than other kinds of contractual instruments.

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Government Furnished Property Module - GFP Attachment Training

This training describes the Contractor and Government actions to report property transfer in the GFP Module.

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Managing Government Property - A Team Sport

This presentation addresses the management of Government property as a team sport. The objective is to describe the many roles within the acquisition workforce and military that have responsibilities…

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Integrated Baseline Review: DAU Can Help You!

Lunch and Learn chaired by Marsha Dollarhide.

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Third video in FPRA course (VC). Describes rate forecasting and rate risks.

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OTA Basics

Ms. Diane Sidebottom provides a basic overview of OTAs.

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Getting Contract Technical Language Right: The Digital IT Acquisition Professional (DITAP) Tool

Traci Walker, EOP/OMB presents DITAP at the 2018 DAU Symposium.

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DAU Podcast: An Interview with DIUx's Lauren Schmidt

Lauren Schmidt, Pathways Director at DIUx, shares success stories about using OTAs to interest commercial research and development companies in non-FAR based acquisitions.

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Section 809 Panel Bold Bites Podcast_50 Worst! Campaign

Professional staff and team lead Jen Taylor discusses the 50 Worst Campaign on this month's Bold Bites Podcast. How does the system slow you down? What regulations do more harm than good? What…

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Category Management

Lunch and Learn Presentation - Category Management

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USD(A&S) Defense Procurement Acquisition Policy Contractor Acquired Property Webinar

This video provides information relative to Contractor Acquired Property (CAP) as defined by FAR 45.101. Subjects such as title and delivery of CAP as well as the similarities and differences between…

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Protecting DoD's Unclassified Info - Part 1

First Video in a 3-Part Series on Protecting DoD's Unclassified Information.

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DHS Reverse Industry Day IV (Part 1) - Originally Clipped by RENEE BUTLER_#2

In this video, representatives from industry answer questions regarding optimizing contract performance through incentives.

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ISA101 Lesson 17 IT Contracting Homework

Professor LtCol Stephani Hunsinger, reviews the basics of IT Contracting from ISA101.

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DHS Reverse Industry Day IV (Part 1) - Clipped by RENEE BUTLER

In this video, members of the Department of Homeland Security and industry representatives role play their respective roles after release of a Request for Information by the Government. This role…

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