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Three Vital Questions-How am I relating to myself, others, and the world around me?

This video provides strategies that help you remedy dysfunctional behavior and orient your thoughts and actions towards creating what you want to see or experience in life.

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Sec 804 How it Helps - Middle Tier of Acquisition - Drs Roper & Jette

Mr Ben Fitzgerald of OUSD (A&S) interviews Dr Will Roper, ASAF (AT&L) and Dr Bruce Jette, ASA(ALT) on benefits of authority in Sec 804 of 2016 NDAA. This first of 8 topical clips from the…

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Managing Government Property - A Team Sport

This presentation addresses the management of Government property as a team sport. The objective is to describe the many roles within the acquisition workforce and military that have responsibilities…

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DAU West Region Welcome - Dean Kevin Carman

A brief introduction narrated by the Dean of DAU West Region, Dr. Kevin Carman. DAU West Region is focused on workforce professional development and improving acquisition outcomes through…

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EP019: Clark Quinn on 21st Century Learning

Technology is the disruptor of our time and its effects are no less felt in the Learning world. We discuss innovation with author Clark Quinn - how it's become the price of entry and how we must…

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DHS Reverse Industry Day IV (Part 1) - Clipped by RENEE BUTLER

In this video, members of the Department of Homeland Security and industry representatives role play their respective roles after release of a Request for Information by the Government. This role…

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Editing Job Support Tool Submissions

This video shows you how to make changes to job support tool submissions.

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Uploading a Job Support Tool

This video shows how to upload a job support tool to the acquisition tools and resources database.

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Principle 8, Defense Acquisition is a Team Sport

The Honorable Frank Kendall, USD(AT&L), keynote speaker at the DAU Acquisition Training Symposium discusses BBP Principle 8, Defense Acquisition is a Team Sport.

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Ethics and Leadership

This Ethics and Leadership video was prepared to present the relationship between ethics and leadership. The presenter is Dr. Joanne Ciulla, former professor and one of the founding faculty members…

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