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Accelerating Technology Development - "Or Through the Valley of Death"

While it is a lofty goal to move technology development faster, how do we actually make that happen? This session offers some thoughts and ideas on how this goal can be implemented.

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Maintaining DoD's Technological Advantage: The Role of Intellectual Property (IP): IP Strategies, Segregation, & Modulation

This presentation discusses the role of Intellectual Property, (IP), specifically IP strategies, segregation and modulation in acquiring and delivering capabilities faster and maintaining DoD's…

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A Toolbox and Tips for Streamlining DoD Sole-Source Acquisitions

Ms. Ellen Lord, USD (A&S) has prioritized reducing the time it takes to award contracts by as much as 50%. The DoD Sole Source Streamlining (SSS) Toolbox is one of the initiatives highlighted…

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Research Paper Winners – "OTA: Saint or Sinner?" and "Best Practices for Info Systems Using Agile or DevOps"

The DAU Alumni Association, in a cooperative program with the DAU Director of Research, awards cash prizes to the top three papers submitted for the Edward Hirsch Acquisition and Writing Award…

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Powerful Example: Man Transportable Robotic System Increment II (MTRS Inc II): Performance Support Through Multimedia

We're joined by two special guests for a powerful example of innovation and cost savings: Kiemba Knowlin, Product Support Manager and Director of Logistics for PM Force Projection (Army), and…

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Middle Tier Acquisition: Accelerating the Process for Rapid Prototyping and Fielding

This WebEx recording is from the Middle Tier Acquisition training session during the DAU Acquisition Training Symposium held on 3 April 2019. This is a panel discussion.

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Driving Budget Discipline and Affordability WebEx Recording

This WebEx recording is from the Driving Budget Discipline and Affordability training session during the DAU Acquisition Training Symposium held on 3 April 2019. The speaker is Ms. Mobola Kadiri,…

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Software is Never Done: DoD Software Acquisition and Practices Reform

The Defense Innovation Board (DIB) discusses the findings and preliminary recommendations of the Software Acquisition and Practices (SWAP) improvement study.The DIB was tasked by Congress and the…

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Writing An Annual Appraisal Self Assessment

Core to the AcqDemo appraisal process is the review and evaluation of written assessments describing employee contributions and their impact. This course shows you what constitutes effective…

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Giving and Receiving Feedback

Feedback and effective communication are central to ensuring meaningful contributions and impact to organizational mission. This course will help you understand the roles and responsibilities…

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CCAS for Supervisors

The first-line supervisor is the linchpin in the CCAS appraisal process. This course provides a thorough examination of supervisory responsibilities throughout the CCAS cycle—from contribution…

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PM Reflections, an interview with former Program Managers to share their lessons learned and insights on leading major acquisition programs.

Hosted by Defense Acquisition University Faculty, Eric Ferraro, episode one features Navy Captain (Retired) Mike Abreau, the former Major Program Manager for PMW 205 - Navy Enterprise Networks…

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Echo - Taking an ACAT 1 program from an idea without staffing or funding to delivering the first product in 18 months.

In this Echo episode of "Acquisition Practices Worth Emulating" COL Rich Haggerty discusses how his team when charged with an ACAT 1 program without either defined requirements, staffing…

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Requirements Managers Best Practices Tip#2 Optimizing the RM PM Relationship

Requirements Managers Best Practices Series, Tip #2, Optimizing the Program Manager (PM) and Requirements Manager (RM) relationship. Steve Blasch, Professor of Requirements Management, Defense…

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EP023: Rebecca Clark: LMS Lessons Learned

As DAU wraps up a major effort to install a new LMS (Learning Management System), we sit down with Rebecca Clark, DAU's Director of Integrated Learning Systems to discuss her experiences and…

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EP022: Judith Bayliss: Innovation as Discovery

Sometimes it takes a new perspective to make an innovative breakthrough. By seeing with new eyes, we can approach old problems in fresh ways and surprise ourselves with solutions. DAU Chief Education…

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