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DAU App: a Quick Look

The DAU App is designed to improve both the student experience while at the Defense Acquisition University and after returning to the job. This 90-second video clip highlights the primary features of…

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EP024: Anthony Rotolo: Think Like A Producer and Podcast

On this episode, we turn the tables and feature Anthony Rotolo on podcasting as one example of how we can shift our mindset and extend learning beyond the course. Show Notes: The slide deck that…

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CER Video 3

CER Video Three of Three

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EP020: Brenda Enders: The Manager's Guide to Mobile Learning

We speak with Brenda Enders, author of The Manager's Guide to Mobile Learning. We start with a working definition for mobile learning and discuss the challenges that managers and teams face in…

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EP006: Podcasting as eLearning, Harry Duran

Few formats live up to the promise of "taking elearning with you" like podcasts do. We meet with podcast expert, Harry Duran, to discuss the rise of podcasting and the opportunity it offers…

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