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A Toolbox and Tips for Streamlining DoD Sole-Source Acquisitions

Ms. Ellen Lord, USD (A&S) has prioritized reducing the time it takes to award contracts by as much as 50%. The DoD Sole Source Streamlining (SSS) Toolbox is one of the initiatives highlighted…

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Thinking about Thinking

In this video, we focus on thinking about our thinking; working out what is the most appropriate thought process to apply to a problem to develop a deeper understanding of how to discriminate between…

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Strategic Partnerships 2017 (final)

Get college and/or university credit through Defense Acquisition University's Strategic Partnerships Program!

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Incurred Cost Electronic Model (ICE)

Location and brief description of ICE model at

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Technology Maturation & Risk Reduction Phase Overview

DAU Professor Matt Ambrose provides an overview of the Technology Maturation & Risk Reduction Phase of the Defense Acquisition System as described in the Department of Defense Instruction…

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Leadership in a Multinational Environment: Issues in providing FMS Support to Iraqis, Video 4 of 9

Major General (MG) George Smith, the senior US officer of the Security Assistance Office, Baghdad, Iraq, discusses lessons learned during his deploymnet to Iraq December 2007 to May 2008 in support…

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Acker Awards 2016

Introduction to the Acker Awards Ceremony at DAU.

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