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Section 809 Panel Bold Bites Podcast_Elliott Branch

Commissioner Elliott Branch leads Team 5: Successful Programs. A number of recommendations concerning successful programs within the defense acquisition workforce will appear in the Volume 3 Report;…

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QCO Start Here

QCO Start Here Video

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QCO Risk Assessment

QCO Risk Assessment

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Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness

FIAR presentation by Dr. Potter

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A description of a requirements roadmap and the template available on the Service Acquisition Mall (SAM)

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Weighted Guidelines (DD 1547)

Walkthrough of the mechanics to utilize the DD 1547; preparation of a government profit position for negotiation.

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Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR): Tools & Strategies for Program Technology Development presented by Michael Catudo the Assistant Director of Small Business Programs for DoD. …

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DHS Reverse Industry Day IV (Part 1) - Originally Clipped by RENEE BUTLER_#2

In this video, representatives from industry answer questions regarding optimizing contract performance through incentives.

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Congressional Funds Enactment

This video outlines and describes the three steps in the Fiscal Enactment Process; Budget Resolution, Authorization, and Appropriations.

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Continuing Resolution Authority

This video defines and outlines the purpose of a Continuing Resolution Authority (CRA) along with a little historical perspective.

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FIAR Methodology & Roles and Responsibilities

This video concludes the FIAR video series by discussing the methodology that has been adopted to implement audit readiness. Viewers are also informed about the various roles and…

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FIAR Waves 3 & 4

This video continues the discussion on the FIAR by introducing the audience to the key facts of Wave 3 (Mission Critical Asset Existence) and Wave 4 (Full Audit Except for Existing Asset Valuation). …

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FIAR Waves 1 & 2

This video provides insight into FIAR Wave 1 (Appropriations Received) and FIAR Wave 2 (Statement of Budgetary Resources). Details are provided to help the audience understand the goals of the FIAR…

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Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) Overview

This video introduces the topic of Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR). It provides a brief overview of the why FIAR is important and how FIAR has been structured/implemented within the…

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CON170 Unit 5 Lesson 4 ABC Problem 3

This video provides instruction for completing Unit 5 Lesson 4 ABC Problem 3 in CON170

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Fixed-Price Incentive (Firm Target)

This short animation describes in general terms how an FPIF contract operates. Note this video is used in CLC 135, Understanding Incentive and Other Contract Types and precedes a knowledge review…

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