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Improving Your Services Acquisition L&L Aug 29 2018

Services Acquisition discussion by Professor Doug Constant, for the DAU L&L conducted on 8/29/2018.

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Government Furnished Property Module - GFP Attachment Training

This training describes the Contractor and Government actions to report property transfer in the GFP Module.

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USAF Agile Acquisition Contracting Outbrief Maj Gen Zabel v180723

Major General Sarah Zabel is leading the USAF's transition to an Agile Acquisition environment. This will provide better, faster, cheaper capability improvements to our warfighters. In her…

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DHS Reverse Industry Day IV (Part 1) - Clipped by RENEE BUTLER

In this video, members of the Department of Homeland Security and industry representatives role play their respective roles after release of a Request for Information by the Government. This role…

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DAU Hot Topic Promotional Video

Promotional video highlighting the exciting and up-to-date issues discussed at DAU's various Hot Topic forums held throughout the year

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Acquisition of Services (DoDI 5000.74)

Ken Brennan: Talks about DoDI 5000.74; Defense Acquisition of Services. (DOD_Instruction_5000_74); DAU Acquisition Symposium

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