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Perspectives on Congress, the Defense Budget, and Acquisition Reform

Three analysts from the Congressional Research Service - Mr. Brendan McGarry, Mr. Moshe Schwartz, and Dr. Pat Towell - conducted a panel discussion/hot topic forum on Wednesday, 14 November, 2018 in…

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Other Transaction Mythbusting Video Series - Ep. 1: OTs are new and have been rarely used

This video busts the myth that Other Transactions are new and have been rarely used.

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Section 809 Panel Bold Bites Podcast_Elliott Branch

Commissioner Elliott Branch leads Team 5: Successful Programs. A number of recommendations concerning successful programs within the defense acquisition workforce will appear in the Volume 3 Report;…

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Section 809 Panel Bold Bites Podcast_Mike Madsen

Section 809 Panel Executive Director Michael Madsen discusses the release of the Volume 1 Report.

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Secretary of Defense Announces National Defense Strategy

Defense Secretary James N. Mattis announces the National Defense Strategy in a speech at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, Jan. 19, 2018.

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The State of the Congressional Budget, FY 18 - Hot Topic Training Forum of 15 Nov 2017

The Congressional Budget Process is a major driving force to Department of Defense programs. Current events in Congress, include the future of sequestration, the budget deal for FY 18 and beyond,…

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Hot Topic Forum - DARPA: The Untold Story

Join DAU and author Sharon Weinberger for a discussion on how the Pentagon uses its internal "Skunk Works" to advance both the nation's defenses and public technology. In the late…

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Admiral Hilarides Stakeholder Communications

Admiral Hilarides discusses the importance of good communication with Program Stakeholders.

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Principle 5, Continuous Improvement vs Radical Change

The Honorable Frank Kendall, USD(AT&L), keynote speaker at the DAU Acquisition Training Symposium discusses BBP Principle 5, Continuous Improvement vs Radical Change.

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