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Podcast 1 ARRTs demise ARRT-E

Acquisition Requirements Roadmap Tool (ARRT) update on status of GSA's efforts to develop ARRT Enterprise

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Defense Technical Information Center Tools DAU LandL; FY19-20181017

This was a discussion by Roger Garay, DTIC Guest Speaker, hosted by Darren Rhyne, CNE Engineering, Technology and Logistics covering tools and services available to DoD acquisition professionals.

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CMC235 W5-T1

CMC235 Video, Indices and their use

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Team Charter

Team Charter template from the service acquisition mall (SAM)

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A description of a project plan and the project plan template available on the Service Acquisition Mall (SAM).

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A description of a stakeholder analysis and templates available on the Service Acquisition Mall (SAM)

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A description of a requirements roadmap and the template available on the Service Acquisition Mall (SAM)

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A description of a Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP)

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A description of a Performance Work Statement (PWS) and Statement of Objectives (SOO)

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A description of a Communications Plan and the CommPlan template on SAM.

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Intro to DCMA Tools

Description of CCM Contracting and Pricing Tools loaded at

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Product Support Analytical Tools Database Demo

This video provides a tour of the DAU Product Support Analytical Tools Database.

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This video gives a tour of the site for the command brief.

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DAU Taxonomy for Video Tagging

This video holds the DAU Taxonomy for tagging of videos in the Kaltura/DAU Video Content Management System. Do not delete or remove this video from the IT Directorate Channel. Questions concerning…

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