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Defense Technical Information Center Tools DAU LandL; FY19-20181017

This was a discussion by Roger Garay, DTIC Guest Speaker, hosted by Darren Rhyne, CNE Engineering, Technology and Logistics covering tools and services available to DoD acquisition professionals.

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ITSM - Navy

ITSM - Navy

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Three Vital Questions-How can I realize my desired outcomes?

This video introduces you to the Creative Tension Method that helps you develop a plan for an individual, team, organization, or community to achieve new goals.

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PM Reflections, an interview with former Program Managers to share their lessons learned and insights on leading major acquisition programs.

Hosted by Defense Acquisition University Faculty, Eric Ferraro, episode one features Navy Captain (Retired) Mike Abreau, the former Major Program Manager for PMW 205 - Navy Enterprise Networks…

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Section 809 Panel Bold Bites Podcast_Dave Ahern

Commissioner Dave Ahern provides listeners some insight into Defense Acquisition Framework - what is it? Why does it matter?

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USAF Agile Acquisition Contracting Outbrief Maj Gen Zabel v180723

Major General Sarah Zabel is leading the USAF's transition to an Agile Acquisition environment. This will provide better, faster, cheaper capability improvements to our warfighters. In her…

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Echo - Applying commercial SW development practices to DoD operational systems.

In this Echo episode of "Acquisition Practices Worth Emulating" Jeremiah Sanders shares how he and his team brought the best of commercial software development into a government build of an…

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Organizing for a New Era of Acquisition

Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, Ellen Lord, delivered the keynote address at the 2018 DAU Acquisition Training Symposium.

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The Army's Training Revolution: Concepts & Technology

The training aids that helped shape the Army of Excellence so effectively are discussed by Dr. Robert Bauer, Deputy Director of Training, Doctrine, and Combat Development, U.S. Armor Center.

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Weighted Guidelines (DD 1547)

Walkthrough of the mechanics to utilize the DD 1547; preparation of a government profit position for negotiation.

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Section 809 Panel Bold Bites_Terry Raney

The November Bold Bites Podcast features Dr. Terry Raney from Team 1- FAR to Statute Baseline. FAR to Statute Baseline is reviewing how statutes, regulations, or procedures should be written to take…

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DHS Reverse Industry Day IV (Part 1) - Clipped by RENEE BUTLER

In this video, members of the Department of Homeland Security and industry representatives role play their respective roles after release of a Request for Information by the Government. This role…

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Section 809 Panel Bold Bites Podcast_Dee Lee Interview

Section 809 interview with Panel Chair, Deidre Lee on Bold Bites Podcast. In this podcast, Dee Lee discusses the topics each of the 10 research teams are studying. The 18-person panel, created in…

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This video provides a tour of the functionality available in DAU Communities.

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EP004: Julie Dirksen on Digital Habit Formation

Are you a creature of habit? We discuss Digital Habit Formation with Julie Dirksen, author of Design for How People Learn.

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